Office organization is vital to a productive work day. Just think about it; how much time do you spend looking for something that you had in your hand yesterday? Or, trying to remember that thing you were supposed to do? We have all done it. But, there are a few ways to combat the daily battle of disorganization.

Keep a “to do” list.   I keep an open document of everything that I need to do from things that need to be scheduled to supplies that need to be ordered. Nothing is too small to put on your list. From my experience, it is typically the small stuff that I am likely to forget and need to make sure gets on that list. Those are the tasks that are likely to sneak up on you and catch you off guard.

Set appointments in your calendar.   Technology is a wonderful thing that allows all your devices to sync with one another. They also have features to set reminders and alarms. Use that to your advantage. When we have an appointment in the office, I make sure to have a reminder pop up fifteen minutes before everything happens. This way, I know everyone involved has everything they need to be prepared. I know it sounds silly, but I even use this in my personal life. I don’t know how I would remember to change the litter in the litter box if I didn’t have a reminder set in my phone to clean it 3 times a week!

Think ahead.   Also, I keep almost everything that I will need to make my day productive within reach. This does require thinking ahead.  Although it is not a failsafe, I’m not spending a large portion of my day looking for something that I need. I have all my basic needs and information at the ready for whenever I need it.

There are many other methods, websites, and apps that help with organization. I personally love to use Evernote and the Stickies app. Blogging Bits provides other great resources for organization. It is really just finding ways that work best for you. When it comes down to it, organization equals efficiency, and who doesn’t like getting through their work faster?