RefreshingI rode my bike to Madison last week. I left from Forest Park on Wednesday and arrived in Madison Friday afternoon. I went 215 miles by myself and cleared my brain!

On the ride, I was struck by not only how beautiful our Illinois Prairie Path is how it’s also an unused resource!!  You can jump on your bike and head west and north and south and gosh darn it, just about anywhere!

Seriously, it is great to see the City of Chicago and the suburbs take pride in offering safe biking options for cyclists. I commute by bike all the time, in addition to my longer rides. From Forest Park, I can ride downtown on a bike lane that runs down Madison, then to Washington, and take that all the way downtown to our office at 225 W. Washington in the Loop. I can ride home on Randolph, pick up Warren, and head all the way home. Or, I can pick up a bike lane on Damen and then home on Division or cut back down to Lake and its bike lane.

When I first moved to Chicago in 1990, there were not the options provided to cyclists that there are today. Yay Mayor Daley and Rahm! Keep it safe and fun- enjoy those lanes and the trails!!!  If you want any tips on best bike routes, I am happy to give suggestions!  Would love to hear from you on your favorite bike lanes and trails!