Well, we all stress over work, bills, money… just finances, period.  As a single mother, I know I have to prioritize finances before planning any kind of vacation time.  Just recently, I came back from a family vacation and I can say it was truly needed!  If you have vacation time, use it.  Take a few days or a week to see how relaxed and mellow the time away can make you.  Your work will still be there when you return.  Stop stressing over deadlines.  My motto is, “It will get done.  You are only one person.  If you need help, ask.”

A lot of people don’t like to take time off of work because of bills, money, and personal finances.  Regardless of whether you’re a single parent or have a family, there are ways to get away.  I recommend taking two trips a year: one personal trip without any of the children and another one with the family.  Even if it’s only a weekend getaway, it’s better than letting the stress build up.

First step, plan ahead and look into deals that are offered.  There are travel agents or sites that can be used.  Groupon is the bomb.  They have so many destinations you can choose from with hotel and airfare included for a very low price.  There are places that you may have dreamed about going to and I’m telling you that you can make those dreams a reality.