To Answer or Not to AnswerAttracting and recruiting good people is a high priority of mine. In fact, I dedicate over half my time – formally and informally – to it.

Keep in mind though that many people don’t understand what a recruiter does and doesn’t do. It differs from country to country, but for the most part, the following is true: recruiters are not agents for candidates; they are agents for clients. To put it another way: recruiters don’t find jobs for people; they find people for jobs.

MYTH: The only real way you are going to get any recruiter’s attention is if, based on timing, you happen to come along with the right requirements for a position they’re actively trying to fill.

Be pro-active. Every email/voicemail you receive should be replied to in a timely manner EVEN if you are NOT interested.

It takes 10 times less effort for someone to respond to you via email than via voicemail. Not to mention more productive. This is why you should always include your email address in any voicemail you leave. By doing so, you dramatically increase your chances of getting a response, and as a result, getting into a future dialog with the person. I respond to 100% of the email I get.

Depending on what statistics you look at, some say It takes on average between 60 – 120 days to fill most searches, and some say 90 – 180 days. If you’re not sending your resume to recruiters or hiring authority/executives at least once a quarter, then you are going to miss out on opportunities from a timing perspective. And follow-up by email. As I’ve said, don’t simply leave voicemails for people – they require more time and effort to respond to than email.