I received my degree in psychology. Most of my classes involved sexuality. If they didn’t, I would find a way to relate the topic. My educational experience with advertising consisted of “Killing Us Softly”, a series of documentaries about the negative repercussions popular advertisements have on women and society. I’m a headstrong feminist with political agenda and have always planned on getting my master’s degree in counseling for abusive survivors.

With all of that, there was no evidence I would start working at a marketing and advertising recruitment firm. I was never too sure what I would do with the interim between my undergraduate degree and graduate studies, but it did not involve sitting in a cubicle, doing grunt work in a field I knew nothing of.

There are no regrets there. While I still argue I have too much personality for cubicle, I do like having a cubicle. While the first few weeks may have been a little rough, I rode the curve (the learning curve that is). I’ve been learning the positions and Googling titles to better understand everything. The ladies here are all really helpful, too. I also have been finding myself moving away from the idea of a counseling degree and more toward consumer psychology and marketing.