Writing is an essential part of everyday business life. We all have to do it and we all get the occasional dreaded writer’s block. When I was asked to write this blog, I literally have no idea what to write it on. Then it hit me; write your blog on how to write a blog when you have writer’s block. A stroke of genius if I do say so myself!

One of the key factors to writing a good blog is to get started before the blog is due (my first mistake). This way, you can brainstorm a few good ideas and start the writing process. If you are looking for topics, there are tons of websites out there for appropriate business topics. I found a few ideas from MONK posts:

1. Compile a “best of” list
2. Compare the new vs. the old way of doing business in your industry
3. Review a book dealing with your topic that displays out of the box thinking
4. Take a common issue that many people care about and explain how it relates to your industry
5. Make a donation to a good cause and write about it

Once you make a list of ideas that would be good, possible blog topics, pick one and start to define your big idea. Start adding the details. Knowing what you want your central theses to be and what position you want to take will definitely help your blog take shape. You need to decide if your writing is a persuasive, expository or a narrative. Once that is figured out, sketch out the major details pertaining to your central idea and a lot of the blog will practically write itself! It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

Lastly, be creative and have fun. Writing, in general, doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, many of these tips can even be used outside of blogging. It is perfectly okay to inject appropriate humor and personal anecdotes into your writing if relevant.

So, go on! Take out those sledge hammers and break up that writer’s block! You never know what ideas you will uncover once you break that wall down!