I recently had a conversation with one of my colleagues. After seeing one another on a daily basis at the office for years, we have grown to know each other on so many levels. Not only do I now consider her a co-worker, but also a true friend. I love the conversations we have and how we can always come to each other for advice, and, whether or not we like it, we always hear each other out.

Here is what a true friend is to me:

  1. Always be there, even in silence
  2. Be kind and listen
  3. Don’t be scared to tell each other the truth no matter how difficult it may be
  4. Guide one another in times of need
  5. Always listen
  6. Be loyal and forgiving
  7. Remain friends despite the choices a person makes
  8. Accept them as they are
  9. Stand up for your friend even when others are not
  10. Don’t hold grudges over petty arguments