Fine DinigChoosing a recruiter to fill your company’s employment needs can be much like choosing a place for dinner. Do you want drive through food that lacks taste and is comparable to every other drive through, or do you want a quality, fine dining experience?

With so many recruiters reaching out to your company, all claiming to be “the best” with integrity, results, and top candidates how can you choose which recruiting firm will really be the best fit for your business’s needs?

Bigger is not always better when it comes to selecting a staffing agency.  Large corporations often face the pressure of making weekly numbers to
report to shareholders and parent  companies.  Job placement is strictly a numbers game and positions can get filled too soon and by the wrong candidate just so the company can meet it’s quota. How many burgers a drive through chain can flip in one day does not mean that the quality of those burgers is the same as your favorite, boutique eatery.

Executive recruiting has become a commoditized service; however, there are distinguishable traits which can help you choose the right partner.

  1. Client references– When considering working with a recruiting firm ask for references from other client’s that they’ve worked with. Askthese references why  they would or would not recommend working with them.
  2. Perception to candidates– Top recruiters attract/retain top candidates and know how to sell your position and company to them. Candidates tend to talk about the recruiters who they have had good experiences with and refer their colleagues to them. They also talk (quite a bit) about recruiters who have treated them like a number and are not likely to refer people to that firm.
  3. Rely on relationships– A recruiter who has built trust with a candidate can often convince them to interview for a position they would not normally consider but that would be a good match. A recruiter should only do this knowing that it would not be a waste of anyone’s time, not just to meet a quota.
  4. Permission to present– A recruiter should ONLY present the resume of a person who has given permission, not just the resumes that stuck after a mass email. This shows that the recruiter has actually been in contact with the candidate and that they are truly interested in the position.
  5. Recruiting from your company– While it may be frustrating to find your employees being pulled by a persistent company, if you become their client your employees will no longer become actively recruited andyou can rest assure that the candidates they send you will have been carefully sought from a competitive market.
  6. Ask for examples– Many companies are bringing recruiting in-house, which means they are only relying on outside firms for the most challenging openings. Ask the recruiters for examples of how they’ve succeeded on difficult searches in the past when all else is failed. You will want to rely on these companies to save the day!
  7. Value diversity– Companies are often encouraged to work with minority owned firms for their supplier diversity efforts. May we suggest national certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Just like you wouldn’t want a slab of mystery meat thrown at your window for dinner, you don’t want an ill matched candidate rushed to you for a position you’re trying to fill.

Choose a recruiter that will offer quality experience based on your needs, not theirs.