Company outings promoting creativity, fun or friendly competition provide great opportunities to build camaraderie and boost morale. These experiences provide tangible benefits in the workplace.

Co-workers often do not understand parts of each other’s personalities outside of the office. When leaving the confines of the office and engaging with each other on something fun, often co-workers can bond at a new level.

The Melinda Holm & Associates team has benefited from these outings and we continue to have them once every quarter. Below are some examples of outings which we have enjoyed:

Fitness related     At one point we had a yoga instructor come to our office once a week teach a class for our entire team. We loved it, but we ran out of room at the office to continue our classes as our team keeps growing.

Creative     Ceramics and painting parties – everyone is an artist and it is a fun way to socialize while creating your masterpiece!

Tourism-related     Our team has gone to Great America together, which was fun. It was humorous to see the varying levels of fear from certain rides. We have done architectural boat tours of beautiful Chicago. We bring all of our children, spouses, and friends to the annual Forest Park parade, which is always a great time. Going to Cubs games, Sox games, Blackhawks and seeing Da’ Bears is always a hit in Chicago as well!

Relaxation/stress relief     We all have gone to the spa and gotten our treatments and then went to lunch while we were so relaxed. It was a fantastic time to enjoy each other’s company with the stress wiped away!

Going out for lunch     Our team meets for lunch to discuss business matters regularly, but we schedule the ‘no talking business’ lunches occasionally to just share some laughs and have fun.

Pool parties/barbecues     One of our recruiters has a pool which the team gathers at. We bring our children, spouses and friends. When we get our kids together, it is great way to bond outside of the office.

If your employer does not have company outings, perhaps you might want to volunteer yourself to plan one. This a great way to deepen/broaden your work relationships that will benefit not only the company, but also can enhance/brighten each employees day-day work experience and can help with employee retention.