DressThere have been endless articles on what to wear and what not to wear to an interview. While its best to keep in mind the essentials such as wearing slacks vs. jeans, finding the right blazer or suit jacket, and maybe flashing your college ring, a few minor details sometimes slip through the cracks.

Here are some of the little things your interviewer is bound to notice. I’ll break it down for you from top to bottom.

First off, hair. Keep it clean and simple. No need to over-style your hair; that will just add unnecessary stress to your primping routine. Don’t go overboard on product — just keep it sleek and clean (think school picture day for a grown-up). As for facial hair, if you want to rock a beard, go for it, but whatever facial hair you do have, keep it trimmed and make sure you have picked out any stray food morsels from your breakfast!

Now onto make up. Keep it neutral. Use natural tones to accentuate your best features. If you are really looking to make a statement, wear a slightly bold lipstick, but nothing too distracting.

Clothes! Here is where we start to see some variety. Some work environments (especially ad agencies) are a little more casual with their work attire. A good rule of thumb is to always dress one notch above what they tell you to wear. If they say jeans and a t-shirt, throw on a blazer. If it is business casual, dust off your suit, but maybe leave the tie at home, gents. Whatever you decide to wear, the most important thing is to make sure it is CLEAN and IRONED. Check for any small stains or lose buttons, prep your outfit in advance, and be sure to try it on before you the day of your interview so that you aren’t dealing with extra stress when suddenly last year’s clothes are a little too loose or tight.

If you are planning on wearing a skirt, put on some pantyhose! Even for companies with a lax dress code, it is a minor addition that can really polish off your outfit. With pantyhose and tights, always check for runs before you leave the house and have a back up pair in your bag, just in case.

As for the feet: Men, be sure to pick out a pair of shoes that are scuff free and that match your belt. Ladies my rule here is if you can’t walk well enough in them to chase after a bus, save it for the weekend.

Also, I don’t care how casual the office is, never wear flip flops.