EarningIt is really easy to get frustrated with certain aspects of our jobs. Let’s face it, everything cannot possibly go the way we want in the business world.  Even company owners and presidents have aspects of their jobs that they dread.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to earn respect in the workplace:

Recognize the value you bring
Note that your current boss saw a lot of potential in you when s/he hired (or promoted) you. Every minute of work you put in is helping the company achieve success. Take pride in that because you are on that success ride with your company and will likely grow and be rewarded for your contributions.

Continue to prove your value every day
Your employer puts a lot of trust and faith in you for doing your job well.  You need to calibrate your mind with a positive outlook, sense of urgency/speed, optimal efficiency, focus and pride in your work to achieve excellence.

Do not let yourself become complacent.  If you find yourself not feeling challenged, seek out new responsibilities at work. Present new ideas to the team and offer yourself up as the change agent to spearhead new initiatives.

We are all replaceable and there are others who would jump at the opportunity to take over your position. Don’t let yourself be so easy to replace.  Stay focused and motivated. Stand out and commit yourself to working 20% harder than your peers. It will get recognized and you are likely to achieve growth faster.  Don’t fly under the radar by doing the bare minimum.

Look at the big picture
Don’t let a few annoying things let you lose sight of the fact that you have a company which is taking care of you. Look at all of the good things your team members have taught you and have learned from you.   Recognize what you get in return from your employer.  Money and benefits are obviously very important.  So are your personal relationships, job security, and more.  Don’t let any setbacks let you lose sight of the goodness of your company, boss and team members.

Count your blessings for what you have rather than focusing on what you aren’t getting.  Remain grateful in your own mind and it might help you gain clarity of the bigger picture.

Strive for valuable relationships in the workplace
Gaining respect at a company takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience.  Act like an adult and be professional. Avoid gossiping, bullying, pettiness and aggressiveness.  If things don’t go your way, don’t take it personally.  Be above it and try to understand the rationale for decisions.

As an employee, your role is to make your employer’s job easier. If s/he constantly has to instruct and guide you through your daily tasks or call you out on things that have slipped through the cracks, s/he probably won’t have much respect for you. Instead of waiting for a new project, take initiative and figure out what needs to be done on your own. Give your boss updates before it is asked of you. Hold to all of the promises you make to your boss and refrain from making promises you know you can’t keep. Be flexible in your scheduling and workload, and strive to go the extra mile instead of scraping by doing the bare minimum and expecting respect to be handed to you.

Your boss is human and will understand that we all make mistakes. If you own up to your mistake before your boss finds out  from someone else, then you won’t lose respect from him/her.

Celebrate others
Don’t take credit for other people’s contributions. Applaud your team members and support them to achieve greatness.  Make yourself available to jump in and help when others are struggling. Recognize that if your team members have obstacles then that is automatically an obstacle for the entire company’s success.

Help others remain positive when they’re having a bad day and ask for them to give you pep talk when you need it.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Don’t hold grudges toward good people who may have made mistakes, themselves.

Speak up
If something is upsetting you then set a meeting to speak with one of your supervisors. Before doing so, prepare yourself with specific examples in writing of the issue at hand. Come with a proposed solution to the problem and remain open-minded to the feedback you’ll get.  Set metrics (if you can) to prove your value for a promotion or for areas you see that need to be changed.  Try not to let your emotions take over the conversation. Remain professional.

Earning and keeping respect comes down to work ethic, personal drive and respect for yourself and others.  Do your work to the best of your ability.  Stay focused and conduct yourself with a good attitude.