Email SignatureCompany Name

Never assume the recipient knows who you are. Always use your first and last name. If you go by a nickname but have your given name on a resume, then you can sign with your nickname and enter your full name a line or two below that:

James Smith

Company Name

Company names should be placed under your name, never before it.

Put an email address in your signature that is different than the one you are sending your correspondence from UNLESS you are telling the recipient to use your new email address.

Email Address

You do not have to label your email address since it looks like an email address. Your email address isn’t required since you have just sent an email from it. However, you should correspond with only one email address. Do not provide more than one email address and do not p

Phone Numbers
It is always a good thing to provide at least one phone number. It is also a good thing to label whether your phone number is a home, mobile, work, or fax number. You do not need to label your number “phone” or “telephone” since it already looks like a telephone number. Also provide your Skype address. Finally, use the proper format for your phone numbers. In the US it’s “(123) 456-7890” or, if you are sending your emails internationally, it’s “+1 (123) 456-7890.”

Physical Addresses
When providing a location, you can keep it to just city, state, and zip code. If you expect “snail” mail, then you can also provide a street address. For proper formatting of physical addresses, see Contact Information on Resumes.

You can provide hyperlinks to your company, personal website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. For professional emails, only provide hyperlinks to necessary sites. If your blog is a personal blog, then don’t provide a link to it. If your personal website has samples of your work, then do provide a link to it. For several sites, you may use the logos of the site instead of the actually URL address. If you are using multiple logos for these site, then make sure the size of all the logos are the same. When providing links, avoid using the “http://” in your text if possible.

Company or personal logos should be placed below your name and contact information, but can be above or below your hyperlinks.

What “NOT” to Put in your Email Signature

  • Pictures of yourself.
  • Multiple fonts.
  • Videos, sounds, or flashing elements.
  • Quotes (which can be offensive to the reader)