I am 50 – yikes I say!! But on a good note, I think my age and some of the maturity that comes with it has helped me to embrace change – which can be scary to me. I get in a groove and like to stay in my self-created structure.

Now that I am 50 (the new 25!), I think I am finally becoming my own person, and recognizing my strengths and weaknesses (often pointed out by others). And, I think I am embracing my weaknesses and realizing – WHY not concentrate on the areas where I am stronger, and let go of the things I am not as good in. For work, this means more delegating, less micro-managing, and trusting that projects will be executed by my team without my guidance. I will be freed up more to engage with clients and candidates in a one-to-one manner, in person, as well as when attending trade shows, speaking engagements, and exploring new business.

And, it is hard to walk away from the day-to-day management of a business I created!! But, for growth, I am embracing the things that scare me and walking away from the comfort of day-to-day “in the weeds” management. Very exciting while frightening!! But, I am excited to feel a little frightened every day!

Which is why I am also signing up for a marathon and I think a 50 mile run, too. Why not dream big goals?