Do you whistle when you work?

What’s your preference for entertainment at work?

Do you like to work in a quiet environment? Do you like to work in an active environment where people are talking to each other throughout the day?

People have different tastes of course. And one thing many people like is entertainment while they work. Music is popular, but there are also people who listen to talk radio, for instance.

My personal choice is listening to movies. I listen to movies I’ve already seen before of course so I don’t have to listen carefully to follow along. It’s just soothing entertainment for me to help the day go by a little faster.

I have the advantage of being able to wear headphones at work. That allows everyone to choose their own entertainment (or none at all). But some offices always have the radio playing so you may have to get used to whatever entertainment is provided if headphones aren’t allowed.

If you aren’t crazy about the office entertainment, then make suggestions so you switch it up a bit.

It just might make the day go by faster.