LoveWhen is the last time you went for a walk by yourself? How often do you sit alone, maybe with a cup of coffee, and just look out at all the wonder in this world? Do you see beauty passing on the streets or do you keep your eyes fixed on what’s ahead of you? People always seem to be rushing from one point to another and I can’t help but wonder if they really appreciate what’s around them. Are you in love with life?

I rarely seem to find myself where I think I ought to be in. To be clear, I’m usually pretty happy about whatever it is I’m doing; it just seems strange that I’m there. Often times I have to remind myself that I’m living for an ever changing dream. I keep my happiness and appreciation in check so that at no point am I ungrateful for what this world has to offer.

Make the choice to be happy.
Things can be rough sometimes, but don’t let those things take over. Even hard times have a silver lining. If you’re unhappy about something, take a step back and ask why. Come to terms with your feelings and work at changing your life.

Live for a dream.
Why are you doing what you do? What is your goal? Do you have a goal? We all have things that we’re working toward and it’s important to understand what that is. A lot of people I see seem to be chasing after money, and personally that seems to be a lousy thing to chase.Studies show that money and happiness are directly related, but only up to a certain amount. Don’t let money be your end goal. Impact those around. Leave an impression of love and warmth. It doesn’t matter how you do it.

Acknowledge People
When’s the last time you made a stranger smile? When’s the last time you even made eye contact with a stranger? There’s a certain callousness that comes with industrialization, so the bigger the city an individual lives the less likely they show they care. I can’t find any research to support this hypothesis, but I feel like it’s an accurate statement. Happiness is contagious, though! Think of how wonderful this place could be if we all just worked a little harder at being happy. See people. Value them. Give the world a reason appreciate you and you may just fall in love with life.