Everyone wants a good work-life balance but what about just setting aside time for yourself.  Until recently, the thought of setting aside time for myself between work and family seemed like a impossible joke.  For the most part my routine was get up, get ready, get my daughter ready, go to work, pick my daughter up, cook dinner, play with her, give her a bath, story time and bedtime.  I never had any time for myself though and it didn’t feel possible.  I used to love to read but could not tell you the last time I read until I started setting aside time for myself.

Now when I am talking about setting time aside for yourself, I’m not talking about hours a day or anything absurd.  I learned that finding 15 minutes a day for myself for just my own thoughts or what I want to do is not impossible.  It helps with stress and not feeling like I’m pulled in too many directions.  If you give yourself a “time out” everyday, it will become part of your routine.  And I promise that you will be happier for it.

Here are some 10-15 minute break ideas that I came across that could be helpful: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/21-counter-intuitive-break-ideas-to-boost-your-productivity-at-work.html