How Often Do The Recruiters Review My Information After I Register?

Our success depends on staying in touch with you! Most recruiters only enter their candidate’s information into a database, meaning you’ll never get a call if a keyword on your resume doesn’t surface from an electronic search. But MHA has a more thorough, personalized and proactive methodology to stay on top of the ever-changing needs of our candidates.

What Information Do I Need To Provide MHA When Applying For A Position?

  • Resume (Please provide it in Word DOC, RTF, or PDF format.)
  • Salary Information (What is your current salary and/or what are your salary requirements?). This helps us to assign you the appropriate recruiter who handles positions at your level
  • Brief Recap on why you are job hunting
  • Name of the person who referred you to us (they get a $100 thank you fee if we place you in a permanent job)
  • City and Suburb Information (Are you willing to work in the city limits of Chicago? In which Chicago suburbs, e.g. NW or South, are you willing to work?)
  • Relocation Information (Are you willing to relocate? To which areas would you relocate? What type of relocation assistance do you require?)
  • Electronic Samples (if you are a creative candidate)

Is This Service Free To Me?

Yes. Our existing clients (your future employers!) pay for our recruiting services. We work on both retained and contingency searches, depending on the client’s need.

Is My Information Confidential?

Yes, everything is confidential and we won’t send your resume anywhere without your permission.

Why Do I Need To Keep A List Of Where My Resume Has Gone?

The industry standard states that a recruiter cannot present a candidate to an employer if the resume has already been received within a 12-month window. We cannot present your resume anywhere you’ve presented it in the past 12 months. This also applies if another recruiter or a colleague presented your resume to a company. When employers see the same resume coming in through different sources, they sometimes do not invite the candidate in for an interview due to the crossover. We advise candidates to keep a list of the companies which their resume goes to, along with who presented their resume and the date it was received by the employer. This list can help you to avoid duplication and crossover within the 12-month window.

Why Are Providing And Giving Referrals A Good Idea?

If you refer a candidate to us and that candidate gets placed in a permanent job, you get $100! Many of our candidates have found that helping a colleague find a job has helped their working relationship. That referral goes a long way in more ways than you would imagine! Also, if you refer your company to us as a client, we’ll make you shine!

What Is The Rule On Accepting A Counteroffer From My Current Employer?

The statistics are real. Roughly 80% of candidates who accept a counteroffer from their current employer are looking for a new job again or they’re laid off within 6 months. For more information on counteroffers, read these articles.

After I Register, When Should I Expect To Hear From MHA?

Timing is everything. We cannot predict when that perfect position will surface from our clients. However, once it does you will hear from us immediately. You should check in via email on a monthly basis when you are actively looking for a position. We are continuously and proactively reviewing your resume. For freelancers, please keep us posted on your availability via email to info@mhajobs.com.

Why Should I Send An Updated Resume Each Time I’m Promoted Or Move To A Different Employer?

We want to have a relationship with you and be a great resource to you throughout your career. We do our best to keep up with the progress of your career; however, we do need your help to keep us updated with every major change. Once you’ve been promoted or assigned to a new brand, it could open up a whole new world of opportunities. In order to offer you the most interesting positions for your level and the most attractive compensation packages, we need as much current information about you as we can get.

With What Companies Do You Work?

We work with any company that has a need for a strong marketing professional. This includes corporations and agencies in marketing, promotions, public relations, and advertising. Many of our positions are in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs; however, we typically have positions available throughout the U.S. as well.

Do You Place Permanent, Freelance, And Temp-To-Perm Positions?

Yes, MHA places both freelance and Temp-to-Perm, where our candidate are hired on to work freelance and after trial period are given the opportunity to sign on for a permanent placement.

How Do I Get Compensated If I Take A Freelance Job Through MHA?

We pay our freelancers after receiving payment from our clients. Please talk to your individual recruiter for details.

What Happens After MHA Places Me In A Job? What Do I Need To Provide To MHA At This Point?

Please keep us posted on your progress. A majority of our candidates have no problems; however, we do want to hear from you immediately if any problems arise in your new job. Do not resign from a position without contacting us first. Give the new position at least a six month acclimation period after starting and keep us posted every step of the way.