One thing that we all agree upon here at MHA is that clients want to see a chronological resume (most recent jobs at the top) versus functional. The chronological resume is key because it displays career progression, highlighting your growth and experience. It is the format employers (and our clients, specifically) like to see most because it provides an easy-to-follow structure. Some clients have been known to reject a candidate’s resume from the first sight of a functional resume!

Reading a functional resume can be both confusing and frustrating. In the eyes of an employer, when they see a functional resume they are instantly skeptical because they see it as a candidate hiding a sketchy past employment history (whether that is your reasoning of using a functional resume or not). It also does not help the employer understand the experience you have gained in each position; most importantly your most recent skill set. Which in turn, the employer has to take the time to piece together your resume. Who wants that responsibility when (in these times) they may be looking at upwards of 500 resumes?

If you are worried that there are areas on your resume that display the movement or lag time between positions in an unfavorable light, do not fret!  Take advantage of using a recruiter, career counselor, or resume writing service.  These people can help to position you effectively.  Recruiters, specifically, can help employers to understand the choices that were made or unfortunate events that may have occurred throughout your career. If you have valid reasons for switching jobs or taking time off, in most cases, our clients do understand.

Also, as mentioned in a previous blog, it is critical to incorporate all the mediums you have worked on, especially digital. For those on the agency side, include a list of the brands, accounts/clients you have worked on even if it has been in a limited capacity. Use a bullet-ed list of your key accomplishments under each job you’ve held.

It is a very competitive market out there for candidates right now, as you probably know.  By writing your resume in a favorable format to employers, you will bump yourself up that much higher on their list!

Happy resume writing!