ReumeSome of my readers have worked with recruiters often, but there may be some of you who have never worked with a recruiter at all or have only infrequently.  We want to make sure that your experience is positive and efficient for both of us and that we give you the best service we can.  To that end, I wanted to share a recruiting industry standard that might be helpful to you.

Generally speaking, if you have already sent your resume into a company for a position (any position) and you are in their database, we, as recruiters can’t represent you to them until at least 6 months has transpired from the time you sent it.  This can vary with some of our clients, but generally, it is a 6 to 12 month window.  Given this, we encourage you to keep track of where you send your resume, whether it is through LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster or directly to the company.  I know you are thinking, of course, I always do!  But, what with all the easy, electronic ways to apply for jobs, a flick of a finger on a company website or a quick reply on LinkedIn can sometimes be forgotten.  In the very olden, ancient times, you sometimes had to hand deliver resumes.  That you did not forget!  And using a typewriter to put together a cover letter would emblazon the company name on my brain since it took me so long to type the blasted thing.  Not to mention the stamping and licking of the envelopes — (think George Costanza’s fiance).

So, help us to do the best job for you.  Keep track of where all those resumes go, and the next time you send out your resume just be thankful you don’t have to type it while employing some form of “White Out” to fix it or, the horror of it, carbon paper to track the thing.