YogaI am someone who really likes to get a strenuous workout and sweat – running and cycling are my two favorite activities. Kickboxing is great too! So, when I decided to start taking yoga, I was somewhat skeptical that it would be something I would be interested in pursuing. As a company, we decided that every Tuesday starting in January 2012, we would have a yoga instructor come to our offices for an hour and anyone interested could participate for a nominal hourly rate.

It has been great! Yoga is something I now look forward to each week. I have found it is not only a good work out, using muscles I may not use in other activities, but it also clears my mind. The stress I am feeling seems to go away as the teacher puts us through different poses. She also has us concentrate on something we want to get out of yoga – feeling stronger, more competent, and more positive, whatever your goal might be. And, the stretching exercises complement the running and spinning I do as well.

It has also been a fun and positive activity for my office. Each week about eight of us are ready to go and come out feeling great (or so they tell me)! Our yoga instructor has been great too, and very accommodating in creating a schedule that works for all of us.

Now for the weekly massages…

Our Yoga Instructor
Katie Thomas