Last week, the MHA team strolled down the block to Flavour Cooking School in Forest Park for our company outing. It was there that we learned a variety of cooking terms and techniques and worked together to prepare a delicious meal: crab bruschetta; asparagus ricotta tart; pea, ricotta and speck pasta; and roasted berry meringues…YUM! (If you are in the Chicago area, I highly recommend signing up for a class here!)

It was this particular event (okay, and perhaps one of my pregnancy cravings…) that inspired me to write about my favorite and most important meal of the day that often goes skipped: breakfast.

I love breakfast and could eat it for every single one of my meals. Not only is it DELICIOUS, but really does give you a boost of energy in the morning and a great start to your work day. We live in a very “to go” world, and while I know that most people do not have the time to prepare a gourmet meal in the morning like we did at our company outing, there are plenty of other ways to prepare some easy, yet scrumptious, breakfasts. I personally prefer to wake up early to sit down and enjoy my meal with my cup of coffee or tea, but these easy-to-prepare breakfasts are also great to take on the road and will surely help you start your day the right way.

  1. Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches: I prepare these breakfast sandwiches and freeze them for my husband, a non-breakfast eater, to grab and heat up in the microwave before he leaves for work in the morning. He loves them! It’s like a healthier version of a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich (admit it…McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches are pretty darn good…).
  2. Refrigerator Oatmeal: Refrigerator oatmeal is a breakfast my sister would prepare for herself on a regular basis the night before (which is a requirement for this recipe) and it is so worth it! Remember to pull out the yogurt, oatmeal, and mason jar tonight because all of these refrigerator oatmeal recipes look so tasty and dessert-worthy!
  3. Skinny Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie: This is my new personal favorite breakfast/snack/dessert. It is so simple to put together, easy to drink in the car (in a tumbler), and tastes oh-so-good.
  4. Baked Oatmeal Squares: These oatmeal squares are great. You can cut them up and grab one for the road in the morning, or you can put it in a bowl, heat it up, and pour some unsweetened almond milk over it to eat it as more of a cereal!
  5. Ham & Egg Cups: If you prefer salty over sweet, these little bacon and egg cups are a great choice. You can prepare a bunch ahead of time and either freeze or refrigerate them. Just heat them up in the morning, and you’ve got a great breakfast for when you are ready to hit the road.

Breakfast can be so much more than a bowl of cereal, granola bar, or piece of toast and doesn’t have to take up a big chunk of your morning. Get motivated for the work day and make your mornings more interesting by trying easy breakfast recipes like these!

What are some of your breakfast suggestions?