Small changes can make a big impact

Tips to increase productivity

Sometimes, it feels like this digital age is masking our productivity. We can’t remember all of the details from the day when we shut down, but are we as productive as we think? Here are a few things to pay attention to so you can increase productivity.

First of all, this multitasking thing has to go. You’re doing now aren’t you? Stop it. The folks over at Stanford did quite a bit of research trying to figure out what makes multi-taskers so gosh-darn special and as it turns out, they aren’t. Those who multitask more actually have more errors. Not only that, they spend less time on projects, and could even be doing damage to their cognition. The rule here? Don’t take on too much at once. Instead, try focusing on one thing at a time and see how much better you do.

It might not just be the workload that’s distracting us, but our minds. It happens to the best of us more than a few times a day. Our brains have a crafty way of pulling us off task for just a moment. With things like Facebook only a click away it can be hard to resist the distraction. Obviously, taking time away from work to do other things is going to reduce productivity, but guess what else it impacts? Our standard of living. Track how much time you spend on things like social media and reduce it. 

Ah, but if it isn’t the workload impairing our productivity nor is it our natural desire to do something else then it must be… the dreaded open-office space. Who’s idea was this? Google. Bad Google! They’ve been playing with ways to optimize their workers the way they optimized their search engine and while I can wholly respect this, it’s safe to say the rest of the office world jumped the gun with this floor plan. The open-floor plan is probably good for some companies, after all, not everything in this world is absolute, but it’s not good for all companies. In fact, introverts and extroverts alike need solitude in order to work effectively. Headphones can be great to block out the unnecessary noise. Also, try scheduling time where people are to work with out interrupting others; this will make everyone more productive. 

And finally, the last bit advice to increase productivity: be nice. See, there’s this thing called psychological  safety. People are able to pick on others body language and tone of voice. Consider these things, especially when you’re feeling frustrated. A safe work environment means people don’t do things like reject or punish their coworkers thoughts or ideas. Definitely speak up if you have something to say, but use constructive criticism and thoughtful responses to question others on your team. A little respect can go a long way.