When I started at Melinda Holm & Associates in May, my mind immediately drifted to a John Hughes film:  a coming of age tale about a group of teens trying to connect with each other while trying to find themselves, with every situation drifting between sweet and funny to just plain awkward.  Why was I suddenly imagining myself with red hair, brown leather boots and a super hero power of boobage lipstick application?

You see, we are a small office with only twelve employees, all women.  It is a mix of small and big personalities, some quiet and others obnoxiously loud (you know who you are) and all with an opinion. Where would I fit in in this myriad of personalities?  I began to see the Hughes stereotypes forming.  An athlete, a princess, a brain, a basket case, a criminal…just kidding, there are no ex-cons employed here.

Every day is interesting to see how such different people could work so well together.  How they could completely disagree on so much, yet find a bonding common ground on how great NWA is, or the importance of bringing your dog to work (not so shockingly, dogs in the workplace upped happiness levels and productivity — in between the cooing, that is).  The fact that we all see things differently has not been a hindrance, but rather of valuable importance.  We debate, respectfully.  We argue, passionately.  Our very different backgrounds and lifestyles brings new viewpoints and creative solutions in the workplace that the other may not have thought of.  We have learned to respect the differences among us.  Those differences have developed into unusual friendships that extend beyond work hours.  There is an underlying common thread tying us all together…we love our job and want to make it a healthy, happy and fun place to work.  We did not need a Saturday afternoon of detention to find ourselves, but working at MHA we have found that each one of us is a bit of a brain…and an athlete…and a basket case…and a princess…and a criminal (checking Facebook on the clock), and that is what makes us so successful.

Sincerely yours,

The MHA Breakfast Club