Melinda Holm & Associates is starting a monthly running club for marketers, advertising gurus and friends.  Come join us and build new friendships within the marketing and advertising community.

Are you saying “Eek!” to the thought of running?  No problem as we will have a group of walkers you can join.  If you are not interested in moving at all (c’mon, really?), we encourage you to join us anyway as we will mingle after each run and offer snacks, cold beer, savory bloodies, and refreshing mimosas to enjoy together.

Why did we decide to do this?  So many of our candidates and employers tell us about their stories of races training or fitness journeys. During these discussions, we’ve both said “Hey, let’s go for a walk or run together someday”, but it just never happens.  Now is the time!!!

Additionally, we have relationships with so many industry experts who could benefit from meeting each other. We feel that this beats networking with a name tag on at some lame hotel. This is an opportunity to build business and personal relationships in a more relaxed and informal setting where you can be your true self and get a work out in.

You will set a good example to your employer by joining us. Healthier, happier employees are more productive, take fewer sick days and cost less to insure Nearly three-quarters of companies that provided health benefits last year also offered some sort of wellness program, up from 57 percent in 2009, according to an annual report by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

If you are interested in running, but not sure if it’s for you then start slowly. You’ll be surprised at how easy it gets if you remain consistent with your workouts. Here is more information:

Below is information on our first Dash and Drink Fun Run:

5k walk and run option – a mapped route will be provided

Date:  9/13/15

Time:  Please arrive by 9 AM. Departing for the walk/run promptly at 9:15 AM

Where:  7630 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL 60130 (meet in the parking lot in the back of the building)

Click HERE to join us!!