Linkedin can help you find jobs, clients and industry knowledge, all in one place. It is a social media site that offers you the ability to keep current and on top of what is happening in your field. Connect with people you have worked with in the past or wish to work with in the future and allow you to follow companies or leaders of your industry. You update your Facebook almost daily, so why wouldn’t you keep your LinkedIn updated of any changes in your career???

Your dream job is out there.
So, you are happy in your current situation and haven’t updated your Linkedin since before you got the job…SEVEN YEARS AGO! You may not be looking for a new opportunity but that does not mean that a great opportunity won’t find you. After all, you have been honing your skills and climbing the ladder within the company. You added value to your worth and your LinkedIn profile should reflect that with pride. Who knows, maybe you will be contacted about a new opportunity. One that will allow you to work in a specific area you have been dying for, and with a sweet new title to boot!

Social networking with a purpose.
Expanding your connections could mean more prospective clients, more job opportunities or finding that great employee who completes your dream team. Introductions are a two way perk. Just as someone can make an introduction for you, you can also make an introduction for trusted connection who is looking for new opportunities.

Just in case.
Of course you have savings stocked away in case of you lose your job, but you should always have your resume current just in case as well. Some things happen that you cannot prepare for, like lay offs due to company merges or downsizing. The better prepared you are now, the easier and quicker the process of gaining new employment will be later.

There are a plethora of reasons to keep your profile up to date. Just remember, even if you are not updating it someone is still seeing it.