Digital AgeWith the convenience of being able to send your resume at the click of a button applying for jobs can now be done in minutes. No longer do you need to hand write the address of your resume’s destination or walk into a business to present your resume. Technology has made it easier than ever to mass apply for jobs. However, blindly applying to jobs on line can make you become a disorganized job seeker and takes away from the personal connection that is beneficial when sending in your resume.

Keeping organized in the digital age is key. Over saturating your resume at a company is never a good thing, which is why it’s crucial to keep tabs on the companies and jobs you’ve applied for. Here are a few easy ways to stay organized when job hunting.

  1. Use Google Docs. By creating either a document or a spreadsheet you can easily keep a list of the companies and positions that you’ve
    applied for, the dates you applied, and the recruiters that you’ve worked with. You could keep a copy of this saved on your computer’s hard drive, but Google Docs (or iCloud) allows you to access this list from any device. Not to worry if your computer crashes or if you need to look up your list on the go!
  2. Rotate your references. A rule of thumb is to only provide references when asked. You don’t want your old boss getting 30 reference requests! Keep track of whose name you’ve given and the date and keep rotating the references who have agreed to provide a review of your work.
  3. Set alerts in your calender to follow up with recruiters or hiring managers that you’ve been in contact with. Bombarding a recruiter on a weekly basis is not necessary, but checking in every few months to keep your resume top of mind won’t hurt. The alert should be set to reach out every 4-6 months and provide a new copy of your resume if it’s been updated.
  4. Take advantage of social media. Following a company’s career page on their website and checking for new updates daily can be time consuming. Follow the companies and recruiting firms who provide the type of jobs you’re looking for on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Companies usually post openings they have on
    these sites as well as their website. This way all of the opportunities are in one place instead of frequenting each individual page.
  5.  Reach out to your connections. Though applying online is easy, often the recipient of on line submissions may not ever pass your resume to the actual hiring manager. The best way to get in front of the decision maker is with the help of your recruiters, friends, colleagues, and professional connections. Once you find a job you’d like to apply for get in touch with a recruiter who may be able to present you or someone who already has an in with the company. Having an advocate who can help push your resume will yield better results than blindly applying on line.

As great as it is to easily apply for jobs by uploading your resume to a site, it is important to keep track so you don’t become a serial-applier! Use these tips to keep you organized and employed in the digital age.