Meet and GreetI have the pleasure of interviewing many candidates for Melinda Holm & Associates, both by phone and in person. I enjoy talking with our candidates and love meeting new people, so while speaking with you on the phone is great, the chance for a meet and greet is something I really look forward to.

I am rather old school about these things and believe that nothing beats face-to-face. Learning to use a blackberry and wireless computer was a traumatic experience for me and I am, according to my son, incapable of checking/doing text messages or even remembering the feature exists at all. So, for me, sitting across a table with a live person and chatting is far superior to any form of electronic communication.

The chance to hear, up close and personal, how individual careers take shape, how your lives and goals evolve, what you want and what goes into your career choices helps us to help you as you progress in your career. An in-person meeting helps build a relationship and a level of trust with your recruiter and greatly enhances the job search process and our ability to represent you to our clients.

So, the next time we talk by phone or email and you have not had the opportunity to meet one of us, let’s set it up! (But not by a text message!)