Melinda Holm-Peterson, CEO

Melinda Holm PetersonI have taken on a new role at Melinda Holm & Associates – CEO! While this has always been a part of my title, I’ve always been so involved in the day-to-day of recruiting that I’ve really functioned as a “Do Everything” person. In the past few years, we have worked to take responsibilities off of my plate and now, success! I’ve officially walked away from the day-to-day grind to become the face of Melinda Holm & Associates.

Lately, I’ve been spending my time going to different conferences, luncheons, and other events. For some people, they’re more comfortable networking in a relaxed kind of conversation setting than when trying to sell, and that is definitely the case here. Meeting new people through these opportunities has lead to many lessons of how the industry has been changing over the years.

Recently, I flew out to Orlando for the AMA conference. Unfortunately, as I landed people were being forced to evacuate the city due to the pending hurricane. I guess next time I should pay more attention to the news and weather! I’d like to give kudos to the staff at the hotel I stayed at (Cabana Bay) for letting me check out early without any fees, same with American Airlines and the AMA. The American Marketing Association credited my attendance fee without any questions.

Up next, I’ll be going to a variety of conferences and events to really help Melinda Holm & Associates be on the cutting edge of marketing and advertising recruitment. First up is the the Business Marketing Association Chicago’s Breakfast followed by RetailLoco – a day and a half conference that focuses on the latest and greatest in mobile and location-based tools for retailers. If you missed Content Marketing World, I highly encourage you to join BMA Chicago’s event! Later that same week, I will be finding myself at MarTech Smart, a marketing technology conference in beautiful Downtown Chicago. Later, in November, I will be making the trek to Boston for the In-House Agency Forum Conference – a prestigious and premier networking event for the in-house agency community. The IHAF Annual Conference is aptly named Game Changers this year and you should check it out!

On a side note, I am a huge fan of walking and cycling everywhere; I do my best to commute without a car. This may not work well everyday, due to Chicago weather and it becoming fall, but moving on! The latest average of daily walking is about 10 to 12 miles/day while cycling is can vary between 50-100 miles/week. During the Path to Purchase Expo just last month, I biked to Rosemont from Forest Park! Use your feet or bicycle when you can!

Have a great rest of your week!