Moderation is what we strive for in eating, drinking, exercising, smoking, and in general, all things fun. It is easy peasy for some people and for others, not so much. Am I the only insane person who likes to go overboard? I was talking to my sister the other day and her comment TO ME was – “I have never known you to do anything in moderation!”
So – What is moderation?   Spark People says –
What is Moderation?
On the surface, moderation simply means avoiding extremes. It involves finding strategies and habits that can be maintained over the long-term, without cycling between one extreme and the other.
At a deeper level, moderation is a commitment to balance and wholeness. It is rooted in the recognition that each person has many different (and often competing) needs, desires, abilities, and goals. Living up to your full potential means finding ways to incorporate all of them into your decision-making processes and choices.
During this holiday season, think moderation when you are cavorting, but not as a bad thing. Think of an overall holistic approach to your wellness.
The only caveat- it is completely fair to break any commitments to moderation if you have family in town staying with you for more than two days.
Happy Holidays!!