We believe that pairing a candidate with a job opportunity needs to go beyond just a matching resume and job description. At Melinda Holm & Associates we place the emphasis on building personal relationships with our candidates to help eliminate the “bad match” experience.

The recent observation in the job-world is that  bad management is not the leading cause of employees leaving their job. A poor decision of either the job-seeker, the employer, or both parties, leading to job dissatisfaction, is the main reason that workers are saying sayonara and looking for work elsewhere.

Joshua Bjerke’s October 15, 2012 article “Job Dissatisfaction, Not Bad Management is Main Cause for Resignations,” published in Recruiter.com explains this trend.

A survey of more than 11,000 respondents from 40 organizations found that the idea that most employee resign due to poor management may be a myth. The real culprit appears to be job dissatisfaction resulting from a lack of training, motivation, and sufficient challenge. The survey, released by Insync, also found that businesses can save nearly $300,000 per year by reducing turnover to 5 percent (at an average salary of $75,000). Additionally, it reported that most business could potentially change 80 percent of their staff turnovers with the proper techniques.


The primary reasons for leaving, according to the survey, were lack of job satisfaction (37 percent), lack of career opportunities (35 percent), a better opportunity elsewhere (34 percent), unspecified personal reasons (33 percent). Nearly 50 percent of women cited work-life balance issues as a major motivator for resigning compared to 40 percent of men. Work-life balance was also the primary motivator for resigning in the Generation-Y sector.

When spending 40 plus hours each week working for a company, job seekers want to be sure that their needs are being met. Finding a new job is not just about the number after the dollar signs or the personality of the manager.  Being clear about your job must-haves (i.e. training, PTO, and work environment), especially with a recruiter, is a helpful way to prevent a quick decision to take a job that isn’t the perfect fit.

Are you ready to make a career change or see what opportunities lie ahead? Get to know one of the recruiters at Melinda Holm & Associates. We value personal relationships, and know that in order to choose a job that will keep you happy, more than just the experience on your resume and the job description need to match.

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