A new year means New Year’s Resolutions. Taking time over the holidays is a good time to reflect on the last year to see what you could have done better. You can look back and figure out what you’re happy with and what you’re not so happy with. What are you looking to change? Do you want a promotion? Maybe change fields? Ask for a raise?

What steps are needed to obtain these things? Keep yourself organized. Being organized and confident proves to others and yourself that you’re serious about what you wish to change. Don’t be afraid to talk to friends and coworkers about your goals. They can help with strategy or support, just as you can help them. Think of each other as ‘responsibili-buddies’.

Just be aware that you’re going to slip. You may even fail. You may even give up for a day, week, or month. It’s part of the process. You need to accept change isn’t easy. If one or two little bumps in the road is enough to deter you, then maybe you should reassess what you want. We’re all prone to slip up every once in a while. Those moments don’t define us, it’s how we handle it that does. If you want to follow through with new goals, or even old goals, it comes down to you. Be stronger, more educated, more aware. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you do not take.