Jan Sodaro is not your ordinary Project Manager. She brings her years of experience working in marketing and advertising for agencies, a non-profit organization, and for a large mutual fund company to give her a high level of expertise in the field. As a Project Manager at Melinda Holm & Associates her primary role is to assist the recruiters in their search efforts for each job opportunity. Jan works closely with the candidates, getting to know a person for more than just his/her resume.

“It’s all about the meet and greet,” says Jan. “There is no substitute for human interaction. Interviewing a candidate face to face fills the candidate out personally and brings to life what the words on their resume say,” she adds.

Jan can often be found camping out at the Cosi downtown Chicago for hours, meeting candidates and getting a taste for who they are. Jan prefers the Cosi setting because it is a relaxed environment where she not only sees how the candidate interacts, but also gets to know their hobbies and what makes them tick. While some meetings are true interviews and others are more casual introductions, they all provide the human interaction component that is so essential.

Personal relationships are stressed at Melinda Holm & Associates. When we present job opportunities we can rely on more than just a resume to know if it is a match for a person thanks to the time that Jan and the other Project Managers and Recruiters spend getting to know each candidate.

“Meet and greets are a win for the potential employer and the job hunter,” says Jan. The employer trusts that when we recommend a candidate they come stamped with our seal of approval. Jan explains that a recommendation from a recruiter has significant weight over a resume submitted online: “Employers know that we’ve spent time with the candidate allowing them to build a rapport, which speaks volumes louder than a resume.”

Jan uses more than just the experience that she’s gained in the marketing world. Working at Melinda Holm & Associates is just Jan’s day job. She is an actress who was last seen in Lifeline’s Pride and Prejudice and will soon be auditioning for more roles. “Eye contact is key,” expresses Jan. Something she uses both on the stage and during interviews. “If a person isn’t making eye contact with me it could be because they are nervous, or it could show a lack of interest,” Jan explains.

Jan emphasizes the importance of eye contact. The interview a job seeker has with a Recruiter or Project Manager will help strengthen their recommendation for a job opening. Jan suggests coming to a meeting ready to talk about your background and being open to sharing your best self. It is not a stuffy interview for a reason, we want to get to know the whole person, not just their 9-5 history.

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