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One of your company’s greatest assets is the relationship between you and your customers. How you are perceived by your customers and your credibility with the public can make or break your company. Building and maintaining that relationship is essential to the success of your brand. Public relations and customer service are two sectors of your business that warrant and deserve extra time and attention. Having a dedicated member to build and foster that relationship is key, but finding the right person can be challenging. Our experienced public relations recruiter can help you find the trustworthy person you need to manage all your PR needs.

Public relations is a very important part of every business and naturally you need someone you can trust. At Melinda Holm & Associates we are committed to finding you the talent and trustworthy candidate you can trust. Our public relations recruiter has placed professionals in marketing, promotions, public relations, and advertising positions on all levels nationwide. We cover both freelance and permanent placement needs in corporations and agencies. All of our recruiters have real world marketing experience themselves, and have the credibility needed to conduct a comprehensive and efficient search on your behalf.

Our public relations recruiter, doesn’t just care about filling a position, but mostly about finding the right fit and place for both our employers and talent and to help them succeed- that’s our mission. We focus on building relationships that will last and will benefit both our employers and prospective candidates. We are committed to finding the candidate that will help you meet your goals and that also will be the best fit with your company’s culture and values. Our goal is help you hire the top talent you deserve by professionally and efficiently recruiting the best candidates available, and in turn find them opportunities in which they can thrive and succeed. Your relationship with your customers is your most valuable asset. Let us help you protect it, by finding you the public relations manager you need.

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Public Relations Recruiter

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