While looking for a new job, we encourage our candidates to look into the companies they are interested in working for. This enables the candidate to get a good idea of the company’s work and culture.

First and foremost, visit their web site.  This will give you an idea of a few things.  First off, if it is an agency, you will be able to see who their clients are and what kind of work they are doing.  Secondly, it will enable you to see what kind of image the company is trying to project for themselves.  Read their mission statement and their company history.  Find out where they are coming from and how they want to grow.  Take into account the design and usability of the site.  Does it look like they are keeping up with current design and tech trends?  Take a look at their job postings aside from the position you are currently applying for and see if they are going through a growth or transition phase and looking to fill lots of positions.  This can give you an indication of their stability.

Next up: google them.  See if they have made any major headlines recently. Perhaps they landed a new account that you can congratulate them on and talk about in the interview.  Also, look to see if there are any reports on trouble they might be having in the marketplace or anything you may view as a red flag.

Look into their social media presence — you can guarantee they are looking into yours.  Look at the voice the company is currently speaking across their social media channels.  Are they active on twitter?  Do they blog?  Are they thought leaders in the marketplace?  Also, if you have landed an interview and know the person you are meeting, take a peek at their LinkedIn profile. See what their career path has been like prior to working at this company and how long they have been there.

Lastly, check out job employer review sites like Glassdoor.com.  Now, with sites like Glassdoor it is easy to see things in a very negative light, so I advise you to be wary.  Keep in mind that just like on Yelp, people tend to write reviews when they are angry and want to get their opinions heard.  That being said, it is still good to look and see what current and past employees have to say about the company.

So remember to do your homework!  Once you have researched the company, if you still have questions or concerns, reach out to your recruiter.  We are always happy to share any information with you that we have on the company’s culture and why we feel they would be a good fit for you!