As you may have heard, Melinda Holm + Associates has recently purchased and expanded into the building next door to our current Forest Park location!  For the past couple of months, we have been gathering many ideas for the design of our new office space and turning them into reality.  It has been so much fun to see the transformation of the space from day one of demolition to where it is today.  Pretty soon we will be ready to add even more personal touches!

Your office environment can have a big impact on your mood and productivity during the workday. Here are a few ways that you can add a bit of personality to your office space to help liven it up and get the most out of your day.

Create a dry-erase or chalkboard wall.   These are a couple of features that we have added to our new office space at MHA.  Thedry-erase wall was made by painting a wall the color of our choice and adding a coat of clear Dry-Erase Paint, and the chalkboard wallwas simply made with chalkboard paint!  These are a great for writing inspirational messages and quotes, personal goals, company goals, etc.  Bringing in your own whiteboard or chalkboard from home into your personal cubicle or office should do the trick as well :).

Add some color!   At MHA, we have added pops of orangethroughout the office — from walls and doors to rugs and other accessories.  Adding some bright colors to your space can make you feel more alert and stimulate creativity.

Workout room.  While this isn’t exactly a simple fix, our new workout room is a feature of our new space that we are VERY excited about!  Exercise is a great stress reliever and can improve your concentration.  Having access to a treadmill, elliptical, and weights right in our office is a huge treat!

Fun partitions/room dividers.  Cubicles and room dividers in an open office space no longer have to be dull.  There are now so many interesting ways to separate offices such as shelves , panels, andmodern transparent dividers that will let some light in and prevent the room from appearing dark and dingy.

Accessorize!   As a kid, my biggest motivation at the beginning of the school year was being able to use the fun and fresh supplies and accessories (I can still smell that fresh box of Mr. Sketch Scented Markers…mmmmm). This doesn’t have to be any different at the office!  Fill your space with unique accessories that will help give you the same kind of excitement and motivation during your work day.

Check out our Office Space/Organization Pinterest board for some neat ideas to help transform your space!