For some reason, recently, I have been thinking a lot about thinking. And, I have come to a surprising conclusion –


I found this startling! Believe it or not!

I used to think that my husband, family, friends and co-workers knew what I wanted and I did not have to spell it out. But I do! We recently passed around the office a Simple Reminders flier – it states the obvious, ways to keep things simple. The couple that have stood out for me are –

Want Something – Ask for It

Don’t Like Something – Say It

I have had a hard time in my past asking for something. I have had a hard time telling people (or one person) that I don’t like something.

But, I have changed and I think for the better! If we don’t spell out how we are feeling, if we assume people know, if we never ask for anything, or submit to something we don’t like, we are not going to ever be happy. No, your husband doesn’t know that you want him to (fill in the blank) unless you tell him. Your mom, dad, sister, aunt, friends and more have their own thoughts and lives to deal with, and no one (not even your BFF) is going to be able to know what you want unless you tell them.

You need to be selfish in this way – state what you like, state what you don’t like, and of course, always remember to tell someone you love them!