I know, I know. How many more things do you have to read about social media? Well, you better sit tight because this area of marketing is not going away and it’s only going to blow up even more over the next couple years. It’s kind of like reality TV: cheap and addictive. So, naturally it’s a very effective way to reach consumers. Companies have caught on and are now carving out positions within their marketing and agency teams devoted specifically to social media.

“Social Media Strategist” and “Social Media Manager” titles are appearing everywhere and becoming highly sought after. From a recruiting perspective, there are a couple of things both clients and candidates should know when these types of opportunities surface.

It’s important that all those involved have a clear understanding of the goals associated with these positions. Keeping in mind that social media is still a new marketing tool for many companies and there are a variety of elements that go into creating a social media campaign. Are you looking for someone to actually execute a social media campaign? Do you want someone who can come up with the strategy based on your target audience? Do you want an experienced writer who can manage a blog? Do you need them to do all of the above? All of these details will help determine which candidates are best suited for the position.

Candidates should also realize that social media campaigns go way beyond shooting out a few clever tweets every day. Just because you have a Facebook account does not mean you can list “proficient in social media” on your resume. Again, since social media positions are still fairly new, it’s not necessary that you have a social media job title when you apply for a position, but you should have a strong understanding of digital and emerging media.

Now I need to check into Foursquare at the restaurant I’m trying with my Groupon that my friend on Facebook tweeted about. #AmIRight?