Emails, texts, twitter, facebook, linkedin…all great tools for getting in touch and staying personable.

I think that most of us have a love/hate relationship with technology. It is a necessary evil, but coming in on a Monday morning with 130 unread emails is pretty rough when you have back to back meetings scheduled. We’ve all had to work faster and harder to keep up with the pace and competition as a direct result of technology, but most of us can do our work from anywhere. How great is that?

The art of picking up the phone is still very important. Most of our business partners (employers) like to chat live a few times a week. Very rarely do we find a client that does not want to chat regularly. We love building relationships and getting to know our clients and candidates on a personal level. I think that most recruiters agree that this is the most enjoyable part of our jobs.

Candidates should think about sending a hand-written thank you note after interviews. As you can imagine, the competing candidates are probably sending their thank you via email. A hand-written note will make the job seeker stand out from the competition and show a form of etiquette and class. The only exception to a snail mail follow up note is if a decision will be made before the note is scheduled to arrive. Additionally, once a candidate has accepted a new job, a great foot forward is to call or send a note to the new boss to say thanks for the opportunity.

Hand-written thank you notes are a great idea for sales reps to send to their prospects after meetings. They can be short and sweet, but that extra step goes a long way.

As our firm continues to grow, we will always hold onto what makes us stand out, the personalized relationship to each client and candidate. Everyone has a unique story to tell and a specific goal in mind. There is no way we could understand what will ‘truly’ make someone happy via digital channels.

So, keep up with people digitally, but find creative ways to continue that dialogue in person, over the phone or via skype.