I am a single mother of a 6-year-old girl. Just like many other single working parents, whatever the circumstance may be, there are a variety of challenges I must face each day in order to care and provide for my child on my own, all while having a career. My career is not only about me, but my daughter as well, and every decision I make about it will affect both of us.

Being a parent is another full-time job. It requires a lot of multitasking and time-management throughout the day, and the need for a work-life balance has become essential for me in order to relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed by the pressures of having multiple roles. Some of the many things I juggle on a daily basis include dropping off and picking up my daughter from school or daycare, making sure her homework is completed, cooking her dinner, getting her ready for bed, doing her laundry, etc. It is important to stay organized and keep a schedule so that all the little things don’t seem so daunting. As a single mom, stability is important for both your and your child’s peace of mind.

Flexibility at the office is another very important factor as single parent. Having a short commute to work has always been a necessity to me. We all know emergencies happen, and unless you have a back-up, you do not want to be far from your child. My ten minute commute from home to work allows me to be there for my daughter in an instant should she ever need me. I love working with Melinda Holm & Associates because my boss, Melinda, understands my situation and has opened her doors to her staff numerous times to let their kids come in for the day if they can’t find alternate help. Melinda has even been known to let our candidates bring their kids in while they interview with us! Be honest with your employer and your immediate supervisor. People respect honesty and will understand if you need to leave for the ballet recital your daughter hasn’t stopped talking about for weeks. People don’t have tolerance for dishonesty and excuse after excuse as to why you need to take some time off.

In my time as a working mother, I have also learned to surround myself with good role models for my child. I have worked hard to build a strong support system for my family and have found that asking for help is not a sign of weakness at all; people who care about you are happy to pitch in and help. Always remember that children are often more resilient than adults. They take things in stride. Even when things seem tough, kids just want to be happy and feel loved. You can’t be everywhere at once and sometimes certain sacrifices have to be made at home when you have a team counting on you in the office. Having a strong support system can help put your mind at ease and enable you to focus on work while at the office.

Being a single mom is hard work, but I have made the best of it and, in my opinion, the rewards far outweigh the struggles. Regardless of what is going on around me, I always remind myself to stay strong and keep my head up. I strive to be a woman that my daughter can always look up to. I am proud and blessed to be a single mother.