When interviewing for a new job, it’s important to tread lightly as you approach the offer stage. At this point things either come together or fall apart. Working with a recruiter can make this process much easier, as this is a large part of a recruiter’s job and the recruiter has a relationship with the employer.

  • Be upfront and arm your recruiter with information. The more your recruiter knows about what you are looking for in an offer, the better chance the recruiter has in making it happen. We are here to be your advocate in the process.
    • Make sure you are honest with your recruiter about your current salary, bonuses, vacation time and other non-monetary perks at the start.
    • Let the recruiter know what salary you would accept, what salary you’re ideally targeting and any other components to an offer you require.
    • It’s also important to tell your recruiter if your have other offers or are expecting offers. By doing so, your recruiter can manage expectations.
  • Understand that there are many factors that impact your market value and your ability to negotiate with a potential employer that go beyond your talent and experience. Your current employment status and the economic climate are the two most important.
  • Be positive and professional. It is paramount to set the right tone with your potential new employer. Being too demanding or wishy-washy can quickly sour an employer’s opinion of you. We have actually have seen offers rescinded when an employer senses a ‘red flag’ in a candidate’s behavior or attitude.
  • Once you have an offer in hand, be prepared to make a decision. Offers rarely come out of thin air. You should be thinking about whether you’d accept an offer throughout the interview process. It’s fine to ask for a night to think about it in order to speak with a significant other or family member. However, it should not be a hard decision at this point. Making the employer wait doesn’t do anything but frustrate them and create questions regarding your motivation and enthusiasm level. If there’s a concrete reason to ask for more time, be honest with your recruiter so he/she can manage the process.

While there are always unique situations, in general these tips will help you navigate the offer process.  When in doubt, ask your recruiter questions and let them know if you have any reservations. Recruiters deal with these issues day in and day out. A good recruiter will be your advocate and be happy to guide you through the process!