The Art of StorytellingSo often we hear our clients ask for a candidate who has the ability to tell a good story. Storytelling is a selling technique/art form used to inspire excitement or interest from others to bring one’s vision to life.

Storytelling can be used in many facets of business. This could include branding, marketing, sales and more. When you are in a job interview (whether you are interviewing a candidate or a job seeker), storytelling can be used to generate more interest from your audience.
As a candidate
– A resume can only tell your prospective employer so much about you. Come to the interview prepared with stories of your proudest moments throughout your career. Also, think of examples where you’ve learned a big lesson and how you’ve handled it.  Anything you can think of to help bring forth your personality and build rapport with the interviewer will help. Be yourself.  Keep your stories short and to the point.  Review the job description and company thoroughly before you interview and prepare stories which will talk to each task on the job description.  Also, it could not hurt to review the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile to show that you’ve done your homework on him/her.
As an interviewer
– Think of what makes your company unique. Why would a candidate want to work there? What makes this company special? Are there any stories you could share about the culture, benefits, significant wins, team outings, etc.?  Candidates need to walk away from the interview with a genuine excitement about moving to the next step.
Regardless of if you’re a candidate or interviewer, be genuine, sincere and personable.
Here is a graph created by Fast Company, which illustrates The Science of Storytelling as it relates to a brand. Job seekers, think of yourself as a brand and as you’re looking for a new job opportunity, consider all content marketing tactics as listed below.