As a young African American I have witnessed death, gun violence, robbery, etc.. I have been a victim of loss to the streets of Chicago. Everyone always asks questions like “How can we stop the crime? “or “Will the it ever stop?” The truth is crime can stop if we have parents spending more time with their kids.

We as parents need to pay attention to our kids instead of keeping our kids dressed in designer clothes and fashion. We need more fathers spending quality time and bonding with their sons and daughters. The reason why the era is so bad is that our youth don’t have leadership. Fathers are either deceased or in prison.

To answer to my question “will the crime ever stop?”… As a young mother coming up in our world, I continue to pray for our country. It starts with us first, the parents, to make the changes. It’s very important to show your kids love and support and to be there. Talk to your kids and find out if anything bothering them at school, among their peers. As a parent we might be frustrated from a bad day at work, finances or other things. We as parents need to stop taking our frustrations out on our kids. All that does is lead them to be afraid of us. We need to pay close attention to our kids. It only takes a second to lose a child to violence or be the parent of a child who commits violence.

Spend more time with your children. Teach them the value of things like money. Talk to your children. Please, continue to pray for our country, especially the ones in your own community.