When I was a child, my mom and dad, just like millions of parents, taught me that when someone does something nice for me, I was to say “thank you.” Whether they offered me a snack, drove me home after school, helped me with my homework, or gave me a birthday present, the proper thing to do was to thank him or her and express my gratitude. This concept transfers over right into the working world. In fact, saying “thank you” after a job interview can actually be a key factor as to whether or not you get a job offer.

Sure, you may have impressed your potential employers during the interview with your extensive knowledge and experience, but shaking their hand and saying good-bye at the end of your meeting does not mark the end of your interview. Within 24 hours of your meeting, you should always send your interviewers a thank you note. Their time is valuable, so use this as a chance to express how grateful and enthusiastic you are to be considered for this position! It reveals humility, it reveals respect, and it reveals overall good character, which is good etiquette. Etiquette is a quality that employers want to see from its employees! You may be a great fit for both the company and the role, but do not risk having them think less of you and miss your shot at obtaining the position by skipping this important step!

In addition to showing your appreciation, thank you notes also give you the opportunity to highlight your key skills and qualifications for the position and allow you to share any additional skills or experiences that you may not have had the opportunity to discuss during the interview. Even if the employer does not have an open position for you at the moment, the courteous gesture of sending a thank you note can make you stand out amongst other applicants and they may keep you in mind for future openings with their company.

An email thank you note is fine, but a hand written note is rare these days. People are likely to remember a hand written thank you note more than an email.

As British philosophical writer, James Allen, said, “No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” This simple task can very well determine whether you get offered the job!