The summer is upon us and it is a great time to re-charge your battery. Mentally, I just  feel better when I start to see green grass and colorful flowers popping up everywhere. January may be the time to make New Year’s resolutions but I think summer is a great time to make resolutions as well. My resolution is to be less stressed about what I don’t get done and enjoy the things I can do. There are many things to enjoy in the summer and if you take the time, you will roll into Fall a more relaxed, refreshed, and positive person. If you are like me, your kids will be out of school and ready to have some fun! Don’t let work stop you from spending quality time with your kids. Kids remind us how the simple things in life are worth enjoying. Take a bike ride, enjoy a popsicle on a hot summer night, just get outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Summer is a perfect time to travel. A change of scenery can recharge your battery. Whether you pick a place that you go every summer or pick someplace you have never been, take the time to enjoy it. Be present and enjoy the moment rather than think about all that you aren’t doing at work. Travel sparks creativity and you should be bring that creative energy back with you. The summer is a great time to try something new – do something that you have always wanted to try but never had the time. Take a few golf lessons. You may find that you really enjoy the game. Golf is a lifetime sport and the golf course is the perfect place to mix business and pleasure. Or take up paddle boarding. It is an “in” sport and a great exercise! Learning something new changes your perspective on the familiar and may spark new solutions to old problems.