In April of 2009 we wrote a post professing our stance in favor of a chronological format over functional. Three and a half years later times have changed and resumes have evolved, but one thing remains the same: chronological resumes are ever-green. But that’s not all that a resume needs to help land you a job.

As a recruiting agency primarily focused on marketing and advertising positions we see a plethora of creative resumes; a reflection of the creative engineer themselves. After reviewing hundreds of resumes in a day, we bring you our Do’s and Don’ts of resume building: the Three C’s.

Be Creative

Your resume is a reflection of who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can provide to a future employer. Times New Roman is over used and archaic, choose a font that is clean and shows you’re up to date. Once you choose a font, stick with it! If you want to stand out from the sea of fellow potential interviewees we recommend something with a little more flair, but not not crazy–no Bauhaus please!

Keep it simple and easy to read—don’t add butterflies—while giving your resume an edge that says something about you. Adding the personal logo that you’ve created for yourself, a QR code to save your contact information, or one interesting piece of information about you keeps your resume professional and exciting. If you’re going to add a splash of color keep it minimal! Find the perfect marriage between creative and classic.

Include your LinkedIn address. This gives your potential employer a link to see even more of your creative genius than what fits in an 8 X 11” space.

Be Concise

Just because your resume is creative does not mean that it should be a novel. A one page resume is ideal and it should never exceed two pages. Follow the same format for each job: 1) position, 2) company, 3) specifics about what you did there, including who your clients were and the mediums you worked in.

Your education should also be listed (but not all the way to where you went to Kindergarten!).

Do you feel like you have to squeeze all of your experience onto one page and you’re leaving pertinent information out? Get rid of your job objective and “references available upon request.”

Be Chronological

Employers are looking for the growth in your career. A chronological resume makes it easy to see how fast you’ve gotten promoted and when your responsibility increased. You’re applying for a new job to move forward in your career, show this progression in a chronological fashion.

Finally, spell check, grammar check, and peer edit everything!

What are you waiting for? Revamp your resume so it speaks to your high level of awesome-ness. Once you’re proud of how it looks be sure to send it to us at Melinda Holm & Associates.

We will update your profile in our database so we can keep you posted on opportunities that can help you advance your career. We help place candidates in jobs nationwide. You never know when that perfect opportunity will knock on your door!