Thinking about a new career?

Wondering if it is the right time to make a move? Just curious on what other opportunities are out there? These are just a few of the things running through a typical job seeker’s mind. Everyone’s motivation for making a job change is different. However, there are some things that should consistently be taken into consideration.
Job searching is not necessarily a seamless process by any means. There are several things to take into consideration while job searching. Below are a few key things to consider:

1) Are you ready to commit to changing jobs?

Changing jobs can be a life changing event. Before you start to look, whether actively or passively, you should know if you are truly ready to commit to a job change should the right opportunity come along. This is the most important factor to consider. You do not want to waste your time or a potential employer’s time if you are not truly going to make a move.
2) What are your ‘MUST HAVES’ to take on a new job?
Not every career change is a response to dissatisfaction with a current job. That being said, you should know what is motivating you to consider another opportunity. Everyone’s motivators will be different. It is a good idea to think about these ‘must haves’ whether you are actively looking for a job or not; your dream job could present itself when you least expect it. Being prepared will ensure you don’t accidentally disregard that opportunity.

3) Is job title important to you?

This may not be important to you or it may fall under your ‘must haves’. Either way, defining your role with just a job title can be tricky. One thing to always remember is that titles always come with a description. The titles will vary with each company, some will make you appear under or overqualified others will consider you ‘spot on’ for your experience/qualifications and associated responsibilities. Employers are aware of this, and often consider other factors when determining a candidate for a position. It is important for you to know if having a specific title is important to you. Employers seldom are able to deviate from the titles that are in place.
4) What compensation are you looking for?
Knowing what compensation you are willing to move for is important. Don’t undervalue yourself but remain realistic; once you’ve made your mind up, be clear and upfront with employers on what you are looking for. Always know what your minimum requirements are before making a move and stay as close to them as possible. In most cases, there is room for negotiation however, employers do have budgets and it has been my experience that they are very fair and transparent with what they can offer.

5) How much time can you commit to your search?

This is a very important part of any job search. Finding time, especially if you are employed, can be difficult. You need to set aside time to focus on your search. Most IMPORTANTLY, when you are in the interview process you need to make sure that you are being flexible with your potential employer. Most employers try to work around what is convenient for the candidate to interview with them. That being said, it is important for you to show the same respect and try to be as flexible as you are able without disregarding your current employer. You may need to use vacation or personal days to interview and be prepared for that. This allows you enough time to interview with the employer without being rushed or taking away from your current employer’s time.

6) How much flexibility do you have with benefits?

This is a big thing for some to consider. When changing jobs especially if you have been with your current company for a longer span of time; there might be a loss of certain benefits such as vacation, insurance coverage, etc. These benefits are often accrued by the amount of time an employee has been with a company. Know what benefits you are open to negotiating or potentially losing. Candidates are encouraged to be open minded about the big picture and where that next opportunity can take them in the next five years.
A job search is a journey but the reward of a new job is limitless! Enjoy the ride.