When my children were younger, I was constantly being told to “enjoy this age…time flies…they are only young once.” I always smiled but in my head was thinking, I am drowning…when are they going to get older and be more self-sufficient. Sometimes I would feel guilty feeling this way but I also thought that this parenting thing was too hard. I must be doing something wrong because I am always feeling rushed, tired and un-organized.

Now, my children are getting older and I am feeling sad that time is going by so fast! Why didn’t I listen to all those wise older women…why didn’t I worry less about laundry and more about enjoying the moment.

I recently was told “the days are long but the years are short”. I have heard it before but never really appreciated the comment til now. And wow, does it ring true. My four children are growing into young adults before my eyes and I couldn’t be prouder! I just wish I had tried to enjoy the little things more…the long days.

So my pledge to myself is this – stop worrying so much about a clean house, pressed clothes and worry more about enjoying the time I have with my kids. Enjoy their unique personalities and be proud of what nice children they have become.

I urge all of you take the time to enjoy life! Remember “the days are long but the years are short”