Volunteering: An Exercise in Team Building

VolunteeringSure. Most of us love throwing back a few cocktails with colleagues at work functions, but team building can be time used for community building as well. Volunteering has been shown to be good for you mentally, physically and professionally. By volunteering you are learning and expanding upon your skill set, building a more cohesive relationship with your colleagues and employers, and doing meaningful work that you can take pride in. Also, it’s okay if it feels good to do-good.

In 2013, Forbes discussed corporate charitable giving and community involvement.  They mention that companies select causes that are relevant to their own industry, pick a local cause to support, or choose a cause that is personally important to one of the staff. Here at MHA, we do the latter. Keri, our Associate and Social Media, goes to Kenya each year to teach.  We annually participate in the JDRF walk to support a fellow colleague who suffers from type 1 diabetes. It is important to us that we show support for them, and others who are effected. Rather than donate money we choose events that require physical involvement as a way for our office to build comradery. Our company sponsors its employees to run in local monthly fundraiser races as well.

There are many things you can do with your company/team/department for team building:

  • Cook and serve a meal at a local homeless shelter.
  • PUPPIES!!!!!!!!! Who doesn’t love dogs? I don’t even want to know them. Local shelters would love, and are definitely in need of help.
  • Volunteer planting flowers, bushes and trees. Help make your city beautiful.
  • Mentor students preparing for college
  • Join Habitat for Humanity in building and repairing homes.
  • Organize an event at a nursing home, like an ice cream social, movie night, or bingo.
  • Have an employee bake off fundraiser. Enjoy friendly competition, laughs and delicious desserts for a good cause.

Enjoy the bonding experience with your colleagues, appreciate the time you spend giving back to your community and be grateful for working at a company that values you and your time and what you have to offer.