When I started here at Melinda Holm & Associates I had no idea what a recruiter did. I had received calls from recruiters over my career and never even gave them a chance to talk before saying “not interested” and hanging up. I assumed they made calls all day bothering people. My impression was that they’d just waste people’s time trying to sell them on opportunities which would benefit the recruiter more than the candidate. I’ve learned in my time here (after being hung up on a few times) that there are others that see this the same way.

Well, I’ve come to find out I couldn’t have been more wrong. Recruiters tirelessly work at finding the right candidates for their clients. They do their best not to waste the candidates’ time by contacting them for inappropriate positions. This is not an easy task as the careers and lifestyles of candidates change all of the time. There are some times we have a dated resume and information on file. This could lead to candidates being contacted for positions at a different level then where they are currently at. This being said it’s definitely in your best interest to send your resume over as you continue to update it and advance in your career.

Aside from having our candidates who register with us directly or who are referred to us, there is still a lot that goes into finding the right candidate for the position and vice versa. There are many resources recruiters exhaust to find the perfect candidate for very difficult searches. It is not an easy or quick process by any means. There is never down time.

In addition, recruiters are extremely busy presenting the candidates to the clients, following up for feedback, convincing clients to meet candidates, scheduling interviews, negotiating offers and keeping the candidates up to speed on where everything is at in the process. This is a job that truly requires a strong ability to multi-task and willingness to put in a lot of hours.

Overall I’ve learned recruiters are not out to bother people and do what is best for themselves. They really do want to make people happy in their professional lives, both employers and candidates. Feel free to see How to Manage Your Recruiter 101.

So as we have all heard a million times, “never judge a book by its cover.” The next time you receive a call or an email from a recruiter, in my opinion it may be in your best interest to at least hear them out. Sometimes the best opportunities surface when you’re not even looking.